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iSchedule 2.0.18

ScreenShot of iSchedule 2.0.18 by HotSchedules The HotSchedules mobile application is a powerful, fast and intuitive tool that gives current HotSchedules users the ability to manage their work schedules right from an iPhone. With this fast and secure application, HotSchedules users can conveniently check schedules, release or swap current shifts, pick up available shifts and input upcoming schedule requests. Download now to take advantage of this easy-to-use application, and with the click of a button, you'll be in command of your schedule. Don't forget to keep an eye out for additional features and functionality in future releases. - Requires a valid and current HotSchedules user account Please visit to discuss or get help with the iSchedule application. HotSchedules employees monitor and answer questions...
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Meds Tracker

ScreenShot of Meds Tracker by Gus Perez Do you take any meds, supplements, or vitamins? Ever find yourself wondering if you took them or not? Meds Tracker is a very simple, easy-to-use app that helps you keep track of when you last took your meds as well as the next time you need to take them. Meds Tracker supports getting reminders when it's time to take one of your meds and also has support for three different types of schedules: custom daily schedules (i.e., you specify the exact times), fixed schedules (e.g., every three hours), and sliding schedules (e.g., three hours after the last time you took the medication). It also has complete support for fast app switching and at-a-glance Live Tile support for the next scheduled medication. Features include: • Helps track any kind of medicine, supplement, and vitamin • See...
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SmartProfile 4.0.1

ScreenShot of SmartProfile  4.0.1 by Fingertip Access LLC "SmartProfile enables your phone to work under proper profiles automatically." SmartProfile enables your phone to work under proper profiles automatically according to your time schedules, calendar/agenda or your locations. For example, you may need your phone to be silent from 11 pm to 5 am every day, and be in a meeting profile from 10:30 am to 11:30 am every Monday, all you need to do is to set up the schedules using SmartProfile,and then the application will take care of setting your phone to use proper profiles automatically. You can also let your phone switch to proper profiles based on your location, for example, switch to a meeting profile at home from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am every day, or switch to a silent profile in a theatre, then just let SmartProfile remember the desired...
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Race Fan Ultimate: NASCAR 3.12

ScreenShot of Race Fan Ultimate: NASCAR 3.12 by 220 Software Race Fan Ultimate is the ultimate source for all things related to Stock Car (NASCAR) Racing on the iPhone and iPod Touch. With full coverage of Cup, Nationwide, and Trucks Series, no other race app collects this much race content in one package, so if you're a huge race fan, Race Fan Ultimate is what you've been looking for. Our huge version 3.0 update has arrived! - check it out, and let us know what you think! TO OUR USERS We stand behind our products 100%, so if you experience ANY issues, please contact us at so that we can resolve your issues. We cannot respond to negative reviews, so why not contact us instead! If you like what we're doing, please consider leaving us a positive review so that future users can see if our app is for them. TESTIMONIALS "Great...
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Audio Control 2.0.2

ScreenShot of Audio Control 2.0.2 by  Matthew Rice Audio Control provides an amazing and unique volume management experience. Audio Control has 5 components: Profiles, Schedules, Exceptions, Quick and custom Vibration. Each provides a unique way to control how your phone sounds and behaves. A complete tutorial can be found at: The purpose of Audio Control is to allow you to create and manage unique audio profiles and switch between them with ease. When a profile is applies all the sounds of the device will change to match that profile. <b>**FEATURES**</b> ★ Separate Notification and Ringer volumes for ICS/JB devices ★ 12 Widgets that are completely customizable ★ Schedule all device sounds by day and time ★ 10 Shortcuts to access any part of Audio Control or apply a profile quickly...
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Audio Control Lite 2.0

ScreenShot of Audio Control Lite 2.0 by Matthew Rice Audio Control provides an amazing volume management experience. Audio Control has 4 components: Profiles, Schedules, Exceptions, and Quick. Each provides a unique way to control how your phone sounds and behaves. The lite version is limited and provides the audio Profiles feature, and widgets. For a complete tutorial of Audio Control visit: The purpose of Audio Control is to allow you to create and manage unique audio profiles and switch between them with ease. When a profile is applies all the sounds of the device will change to match that profile. <b>**LITE FEATURES**</b> ★ 8 Widgets that are customizable ★ Create and use unlimited audio profiles ★ 1 Shortcut to access Audio Control quickly ★ A separate speakerphone volume ...
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ScreenShot of iPrompts by Handhold Adaptive, LLC New in 1.01: Fixed a bug that prevented some iPod Touch users from adding images to the iPrompts Library * Coming soon: Another update to optimize performance for all users iPrompts™ Version 1.01 is a customizable, visual prompting tool for use with individuals that may benefit from having structure and visual aids throughout the day. The application is designed especially for parents, special educators and therapists to use with developmentally challenged and language-impaired individuals, like people with Autism, Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, and apraxia of speech. iPrompts™ also works great with kids who just need more structure, including kids with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and even typical, pre-verbal toddlers...
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Teacher's Attaché for iPad 2.0

ScreenShot of Teacher's Attaché for iPad 2.0 by Raheel Ahmad Teacher's Attaché: The premium app for teachers. Manage your classroom with a tap of your iPad. ****** We are constantly working towards improving TA. Any feedback about feature requests, bugs, or a this-is-how-I-use-it, will helps us a lot in this process! ****** ➞ Schedules * View courses by semesters * Multiple schedules (lectures, labs, field excursions, ...) for a course * Custom repeat settings (weekly, biweekly, ...) * Weekly calendar ➞ Students * Add students from: - the address book - a previous course - by yourself * Photos from the address book or photo album * Mail all students in a class. ➞ Attendance * Quick attendance * Filter for absent or present students * Email all, the present, or the absent students * Attendance note * Export as Excel-compatible CSV files...
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LDS Scriptures Library for iPad 1.49

ScreenShot of LDS Scriptures Library for iPad 1.49 by LDS Scriptures #1 LDS Scriptures app, used by tens of thousands of users every day! Includes Oct 2011 General Conference! Money-back guarantee! Known as THE Scriptures app to get! Exclusive features you won't find in any other app! Learn More --> Compare features with other Scripture apps: Thanks everyone for making this the highest rated, most favorite, most recommended, most innovative, and best LDS Scriptures app for the iPad! EXCLUSIVE FEATURES NO OTHER SCRIPTURES APP HAS: ► Automated Syncing and Backup (syncs with iPhone, Android, Desktop versions) ► Export/Download your Markings anytime ► Listen to Scriptures while you read (streaming or download) ► Listen or Watch General Conference (streaming or download) ► Download Audio/Video for Offline use ► Gospel...
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Holiday and Vacation Calendar 3.4.1

ScreenShot of Holiday and Vacation Calendar 3.4.1 by Thomas May ON SALE. The year at a glance, holiday info for many countries and week numbers. NEW: week view. Complete instructions available at A simple and helpful calendar program, for being nicely orientated through all the year. The program provides all holidays relevant for your state and for your neighbourhood, also for several European countries + full year calendar with week numbers for the current and the next year + school vacation for several European countries + you can add your personal dates (Mum´s birthday, anniversaries, booked or planed holidays, etc.). IN THIS VERSION YOU CAN FIND (please see also a detailed description at • The list of all legal public holidays for the US, UK, Canada, Argentina Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brasil, Chile...
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